Better Quality Service
With AccuServ

Dedicated to Serving You and Your Patients

AccuServ is a full service accredited specialty pharmacy focused on putting patients first by providing the highest quality pharmacy services. We partner with you and your patients to provide expert advice, compassionate care, simplified medication management, and advanced pharmaceutical treatments.

We're Your New Healthcare Support Team

Our core services are built around helping reduce the administrative requirements of your practice so you can focus on the wellness of your patients. Let us take some of the weight off of your shoulders.

Care Starts Within 2 Hours

Currently, patients and doctors may wait days to find out if a specialty pharmacy can fill a prescription. With AccuServ, Care Starts Within 2 Hours. We close the communication gap between doctors, patients, and insurance companies to get answers quickly. Doctors’ offices and their referred patients will know within 2 hours if the prescription is accepted by our pharmacy. This is just one way we make sure you are getting the prompt service you deserve.

We Provide a Single Point of Contact to Simplify the Communication Process

Whether your patient is dealing with an illness or chronic condition, it’s important to have a support team to ensure they are getting the best care possible. Your AccuServ team includes our trained Pharmacists and Patient Care Advocates dedicated to making your life easier. Together, they will work closely with your patients to learn their unique needs and expertly help them navigate the complex healthcare landscape, reducing your burden in the process.

  • 2-Hour Patient Acceptance Guarantee
  • Single Point of Contact
  • 24/7 Patient Support
  • Better Patient Compliance With AccuPac®

Prior Authorization and Copay Assistance

AccuServ helps patients get access to the medications they need while reducing the administrative burdens to your office.  We will manage your prior authorizations, saving your office valuable time. We work with drug manufacturers and non-profit organizations to find your patients the lowest possible copays. We believe in assisting our patients when they need it most, and that personal finances should not hinder proper care.

AccuServ Helps Both You and Your Patients

We don’t just make their experience at the pharmacy better; we also ease the burden on your office in the process!

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