How Pill Packaging Helps Both Patients and Caregivers

How Pill Packaging Helps Both Patients and Caregivers

Pill Packaging

People are living longer than ever before, and many will need a caregiver at some point as they age. Whether that is a family member, a friend, or a hired service, finding a skilled caregiver is essential in maintaining quality of life in someone who can no longer care for themselves. Anything that can make that caregiving job easier helps, and pill packaging really makes a difference in medication management. Read on to learn more about how essential a good system is when a caregiver is dealing with multiple prescriptions.


If you have been caring for a loved one, or if they have been caring for themselves up until now, the medication system may be mainly from memory. You or your loved one may know what each medication does, and have slowly added in more prescriptions over the years and know the daily routine by heart. This may include multiple pill bottles, times of day, and dosages to be taken at each time. For a caregiver coming into this situation, all of this medication can be overwhelming, and even a written schedule can seem daunting. AccuPac solves this problem with our easy to use and understand pill packets. Medication  is presorted into a small, clearly labeled pack that states the time of day to take, and what prescriptions are inside. Even a newcomer into the home can quickly see what prescriptions need to be taken without a lengthy explanation. The organizational benefits of AccuPac are huge, just think of the time that is saved sorting medications and rechecking complicated medication instructions. Providing a great medication management system is essential for helping caregiving be as easy as possible.


If a caregiver doesn’t understand the medication routine the easiest person to ask is the client. Especially in cases where there may be some dementia or cognitive impairment, this might not be a reliable source of information. A patient might forget what medications they have been taking, or exactly how high each dose is supposed to be. This can be a scary situation if the patient insists that they know what medications they need to take, but they are not right about the dosage. AccuPac allows a caregiver to know for sure exactly what pills are needed at exactly the right times. It also can clearly show a caregiver what medication has already been taken, and even if a patient insists that they took their morning pills, an unopened morning pill package can prove otherwise. This eliminates the fear of duplicating a dose and causing serious complications.

Multiple Caregivers

Oftentimes caregiving is a joint effort. You may care for your loved one some of the time, but need to hire a service for hours you are at work. Or you may have various family members taking turns with the caregiver who don’t necessarily have a lot of time to communicate with each other. A consistent pill management system allows multiple caregivers to all administer medication the exact same way. Don’t let multiple caregivers be a hindrance to good care—AccuPac helps streamline and simplify the medication routine across all caregivers.

Peace For Distant Family

Many family members would love to care for an aging parent or relative, but are unable to pick up and move to where the help is needed. They may be able to come for a visit, but have to leave the day to day caregiving to someone else. If you have been by your loved one’s side at doctor’s appointments, and filling countless prescriptions at the pharmacy, you may feel that it is impossible to communicate the intricacies of the medication routine to someone else. AccuPac takes the guesswork out of this communication, and allows you to leave a system that is clearly labeled, easily understood, and organized for any caregiver. Caring for a loved one long distance is incredibly stressful, and there are many things that you feel are out of your control. Medication management doesn’t need to be one of those things! AccuPac gives you the peace of mind that your loved one is getting the right medication, at the right time, every time.

Saves Time

You want the time that a caregiver spends in your loved one’s home to be dedicated to care, not to medication management. Eliminate time consuming trips to the pharmacy with AccuPac. Your medication is filled by our pharmacy, packaged in our convenient medicine packs, and shipped directly to your door! You don’t need to return to the pharmacy every month to wait in a long line; AccuPac ensures that you have the medication you need, when you need it. You also won’t be wasting precious caregiving hours sorting prescriptions and organizing them into small containers, because AccuPac does all the work for you. Plus, when you are taking medications out of their original bottles and trying to organize, there is a high chance of mixing up amounts, days, or times, and can result in the wrong medications being delivered. Let your caregivers devote their energy to your loved one, and not to medication!

Provide Accountability

Unfortunately, there are bad caregivers in this world. While AccuPac makes medication easier, there could still be times that the effort to actually give the medication is neglected. If you are worried that your loved one is not getting the medication they need, you have a clear system that you can check to see what pill packet was used last. If several days of medication packs are still in the dispenser, you know that the medication is not being administered correctly and can take action. Keep tabs on your loved one’s medication with AccuPac!

Gives the Patient Control

AccuPac is great for caregivers, but it is also great for patients. If you have a caregiver handing you a bunch of pills several times a day, you might wonder if they got it right. AccuPac allows you to know exactly what you are taking, see your name clearly printed on the package, and see the date and time of each dose. This can reassure a patient that feels like a lot of their care is out of their own hands, and help them feel in control of their medication.


As you can see, when medication is involved in caregiving, AccuPac makes everything easier for both the caregiver and the patient. If you are caring for your loved one, or overseeing their care long-distance, AccuPac can give you the confidence that they are getting the right medications every time. Medication management is crucial to maintaining good physical and mental health, and we would love to partner with you to make the caregiving role a little easier. Check out AccuPac today!